Learn to Code, Bitcoin Edition

An introductory coding class for Bitcoin enthusiasts

You Will Learn

  • Fundamentals of the Python programming language, VSCode text editor, and "the command line"

  • Send bitcoin transactions from command line and from Python

  • Communicating with full nodes using RPC

  • Hash functions and proof-of-work

  • Digital signatures

  • Verifying Bitcoin Core installation

  • Basic data analysis of bitcoin's price history

  • Math about bitcoin's monetary policy


  • No coding experience required. This class is for noobs!


The course costs $50

1. Sign up for GitHub if you don't already have an account
2. Sign up for GitPod using you GitHub account
3. Visit this URL. This is where we'll be writing our code.
4. In another browser window, pull up the videos that accompany the course and start learning!